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Everybody knows what moving into a new apartment means, isn’t?

Choosing, throwing, wrapping, packing, unpacking, moving, breaking your bones, chaos, unpacking.

What if, this time, you’re moving from a country to another, and you look by train at your old favourite city disappearing, house after house, recognizing every single street corner, then it’s only sky left, black, because it’s a deep night, and so many stars you would believe being at the edge of the world? Which, in fact, is not long from reality, since the city you’re leaving behind is Stockholm, the capital of Sweden and not too far away from the Arctic Circle.

What if you’re also living behind your pottery tools, your plaster molds, your clay, your bottles, the ones you’ve just taken out from the oven and that were finally beautiful?

Because if working with clay is a challenge, but also a need both for your mind and for your body, did you realize, back then, how naked it would feel, in the new city?

As it happens here, is the new city fantastic enough, and if you follow my path you’re actually searching for a job, an apartment, and some old traces of the German language in your head.

Don’t ask me why I’m actually here, then, starting a site where we’re going to talk about how a coffee cup gets into life as about cobalt, stock cubes and nice little shops that are terribly clean, even though there, in the back, some potters are working with the earth. Just keep curious and fall in love with clay!