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I took my umbrella with me and descended the underground. The rain began pouring on me a couple of seconds after I’ve been waiting at the traffic light for my green turn. And then the Töpferei Schwarz. Let’s enter and see…

And I saw a nice shop with wooden shelves and everywhere teacups, teacups with a plane dish and a smaller dish and the nice teapot lifted by a pedestal, beer mugs, and lamps. Some candles where dancing and hanging and the atmosphere was warm. A nice man asked me if I needed some help and disappeared in the back of the shop. As far as I’ve seen, does potters work in their own shop, we’re not talking the gallery language, but still, do you have an idea of the amount of dust that is developed by a single second of you with clay in your hand? You won’t work at home, unless you have a huge home or do not see dust, as to say. Though seemed the place very clean to my eyes. And a young woman with dreads was working with him as assistant.

Seeing ceramics is not enough, you have to look at the texture, feel the glaze. I asked the owner and potter something like, do you know somebody making professional plaster moulds, do you know a good retailer? Do you work on your own, is everything you sell here your own production? He answered me gently and gave me some advices to enter the German world of pottery.

Seeing the colours, feeling the material, is to me like coming in a small shop filled with sweets, a color shop for the painter, the Italian countryside for a cook, and I felt like I was already missing all of this. After this day I’ve also been to some Christmas markets and there I noticed that often already prepared glazes are used. Do you know the glaze, the vitreous cover to your pottery?