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Welcome to Charlottenburg, the western district of Berlin!

Red, yellow, blue are the colors and forms of the Richard-Wagner-Platz U-7 station, where you will probably get off. It may rain, it may snow, you are already in a good mood. Some hundred meters away you get to this beautiful house, a former dance school and burgher’s house, which dates back to 1712, and you know that you are at the Keramik Museum-step in!

Three the current exhibitions, placed in different areas of the building.

The day you are going to read these lines is probably going to be too late to see the first exhibition, the one dedicated to Gerda and Heiner Hans, since it should end the 12th March. Nonetheless, you may like to know something about them. Gerda Körting (1911-2000), born in Italy, moved to Germany and married Heiner Hans. Both potters, are important names in the German history of ceramics. The first room shows some pieces of Gerda. Her style leaves place to imperfections, as in order for you to feel the clay you are looking at. The glazes are thick and with pinholes. Quite different is the style of Heiner Hans (1911-1991), represented by his surgical precision and an interesting variety of glazes- always astonishingly perfect and smooth, from the elegance of the crackle glaze of the ’60s to a crystalline discretion. The colors are mainly on a natural bone white scale and some blues; his well-known owls are also shown, colored by a natural matt brown glaze. Personally, I felt in love with the beautiful carved set in clear white and cobalt, that would fit perfectly somewhere on a table near the sea, with some cold water and a warm breeze. Or is it maybe because it’s still winter, that I get these visions?