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If you just step out into the beautifully kept yard you will find yourself following the arrow that says: “kabinett”. The exhibition lasts until the 28th of May, and I guess by that time the garden will be in bloom. I may come for a further visit… Here you can admire the powerful and massive work of Lotte Reimers (1932-), celebrating her 80 years birthday 2012. I intend the term “massive” more in a metaphorical way here, as her vessels are not that huge. Her forms are accurate, geometrical, precise, but the borders of those bottles from the 90’s are not rounded off, are still exploding as she didn’t care to give them a proper and elegant form. As if she had just cut the surface and let it dry as it is. The clay is pulsating, the glazes are matt, earthy, made by her with natural materials as ash and they trickle, are thrown, given to the vessel with strength and extreme attention. You can clearly see her working in front of you, yet you cannot really estimate how much is controlled and how much is left to her powerful gestures. I guess this is what makes a piece of work so special: the moment you can feel the person beyond the piece, with all the potter’s complexity and facets, traceable somehow into the materia you’re looking at by giving the clay an energy vibration. Do not forget then to have a look at her little black and white portrait at the wall, and at her lively eyes.