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Berlin is dancing in the sun today, all bodies rejoice, a warm day, finally!

I missed the feeling, I am smiling on my way to Marheinekeplatz, in the Bergmann kiez. Every saturday you will find the Trödelmarkt, showing you every kind of clothes, furniture, batteries, books, jewellery and some marmelade jars. A nice market, the kind that makes you confused because you really can’t tell any longer if you wanted that blue shelf, if it really fits in your kitchen, it’s cheap and beautiful and you may not find another like this around, what shall I do? Everyone knows the feeling, right?

I just stroll around, this sun made my day, I won’t spend money on objects.

Of course the story it’s not at its end, rather at its proper beginning: there it is, the stand of two potters, a man and a woman, and their beautiful vessels. This is dangerous! The colors are so lively, so blank! I don’t get how they can manage to have such a glaze that seems on earthenware when the material is clearly stoneware, but the result is shining, as the whole day.

The potter explains, and I guess, my brain quickly translating the sounds into something that makes sense to me – my German is, after all, still unstable as a pudding! He explains that this is actually a sort of stoneware (it will resist both the oven and the microwave) burnt att a lower temperature, as you can tell by the typical cracks on the surface and the vitality of reds and blues.

Now, behind the traces of a potter’s fingers lies a whole world of knowledge. Can you guess how much such a cup, studied in its peculiar form and colors, thrown on the potter’s wheel and then burned two times (at least) is going to cost me?

Like a pizza and a drink you take home after a long day’s work. In less than half an hour the taste of tomatoes and mozzarella and some crumbles on the table are the only traces left. Ten euro, like a t-shirt you already know won’t last long but by then you’re going to buy a new one. Ten euro is the price of the cup that is going to keep my morning coffee warm through the years.

Isn’t it more than worth the price?