I’m still stuck here without a computer.
My 7 years old notebook left me, imploding, the hard disk ticking, not even Linux tries to open up and I know, it’s time for a new one.
On one side I like the feeling of the (although modest) amount of time left unused, and since I still do not have a workshop I just sit down and draw something. It is quite clear that when a computer is coming back into my house, I am going to need a better planning of the computer usage. It fits properly the earlier post on Ayumi Horie, doesn’t it?
Thinking about it, it feels like those films from the ’80s were right (do you remember Tron, the original one?): everytime you start the computer a new world, with its own time rules, opens up in front of you. They were amazed and scared, and right now I  think that this is exactly the feeling I’ll have to keep alive, when I’ll get myself the new machine…