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First and foremost, a big thank you to seascapes aus, for having nominated my blog for the ABC Award! The ABC award seems a nice way to say thank you to those who work behind some very inspiring blogs, and I will not break the rules now but list 6 blogs that I really like and visit often. Such as:

Sketches and jottes, where I always find amazing illustrations from all over the world;

Oregon College of Art and Craft, (now on vacation!), for the interesting articles published and the intelligent thematics chosen;

Il porto delle nuvole and Sud de-genere, strong Italian blogs about women that walk with their head up;

Andberlin, because Berlin has street art and stolpersteine,

For Scandinavian art lovers, the rich Konsthopp nordic art.

ABC award is also a way to share some letters and meanings, maybe anentire alphabet; I will follow seascapes aus in breaking the name of the blog into pieces,

K like koppar, kupfer, copper, rame,

O like oxides,

P like paper clay,

P like poisonous,

A like argilla,

R like red, definitely red,

R like Raku,

O like oven,

X like one of the secret letters of the Italian alphabet.