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-3 doors in Friedrichshain-

door closed


Rolling shutters, down. Benke keramik has no working website as I can see, and when I arrive to the workshop I just find it closed, without messages for those passing by. Maybe a change of life, maybe a break. It is a hard work, the potter, it eats up your body. Such a pity, I was pretty curious and the day is still long. I turn my back to the brown shutters and the day is warm.


door closed

Liebertee, probably the best name I’ve ever seen, I stop even before I realize that this is actually a potter’s workshop. The bright day is reflected by the windows of this spacious workshop, I can clearly see the green branches of the trees behind me and on the foreground some red and turquoise cups. A message on the window announces the summer break, both for the pottery course and for the workshop.
Summer vacation, it must be a satisfaction when the self-employee craftman/woman can finally declare it to the public.
Since the day seems not to open doors, I just keep walking around.


door open

(new door)

This last one stop has red ceramic flowers and baby clothes, a little shop on my way to the U-bahn. Another message on the window is looking for somebody to share the collectively held workshop, somewhere near the Spree.

After 2 doors closed, the third may be open?